2014  Primer Seminario de Musico sin Lesiones 1.0 - Victor Hugo Nopo, Professor at the University San Martin, Lima, Peru

           Full-color medical illustrations depicting musician related injuries used in print and as a visual aid for lectures.

2013  Institute of Life-Long Learning, Dr. Swati Biswas, University of Delhi

           Pen and ink renderings of the respiratory system used for non-profit, curriculum-based content for students.

2012  LIFE International

           Full-color renderings of fetal development to be used internationally, and in various languages. Work created for Qualis Media.

2012  Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy for Oral Implantology - Louie Al-Faraje, DDS

           Co-illustrated dental surgical atlas in both full color, and tone with spot color. Work created for Qualis Media.

2011  The Breast Cancer Workbook - Cara Novy-Bennewitz

          Fully rendered all biomedical illustrations in pen-and-ink covering topics including regional anatomy,

          cellular morphology, and surgical procedures.  

2011  Health Hazards for the Performing Artist - Jeremy Brotherton / Katherine Duvall 

          A tri-fold pamphlet including medical illustrations and text pertaining to the most common injuries

          affecting the guitarist. Researched and illustrated by Jeremy Brotherton in conjunction with Dr.

          Katherine Duvall, Co-Director of the Health in the Arts Department, University of Illinois at Chicago.

2009  Heart Diseases in Children - Dr. Ra-id Al Abdulla, MD

           Created medical illustrations depicting a type of congenital heart disease causing pulmonary stenosis.

           In addition, illustrations depicting an adolescent torso with the correct and incorrect sizing/placement

           of an electronic sphygmomanometer cuff. Illustration work completed for Dr. Ra-id Al Abdulla, MD,

           Professor of Pediatrics at Rush University, Chicago, Illinois.